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. Porter Rockwell Book

This is a 166 page softcover book written by John W. Rockwell, one of Porter's great-great grandsons and Jerry Borrowman, an award winning author. This interesting book relates documented information on the famous Mormon "destroying angel". Porter was the 9th person to be baptized a member of the Mormon church and was devoted to his great friend, the Prophet Joseph Smith. What is fact and what is fiction concerning this man? This book goes a long way towards that end as it relates stories from the life of this bodyguard, frontiersman, marksman, and loyal friend.

Allyn House ExclusivePrice: $18.99


. After The Martyrdom by Jerald R. Johansen

This popular and recently reprinted book asks the question, "What happened to the family of Joseph Smith?" In these pages you can discover what happened to Emma Smith and each of her children, who founded and followed the various factions that split off from the main church and takes you deep into the drama of the days and weeks following Joseph Smith's death.

Allyn House ExclusivePrice: $15.99


. El Don Divino

Este libro esta en Espanol. Es una historia verdadera de vida, muerte y confianza. El autor es Charles W. Allen. Uno de los mayores dones divinos que he recibido son los buenos deseos de mi amada esposa, quien a pesar de luchar contra las garras de la muerte, manifeseto su preocupacion por me seguridad y futuro. Mas alla de mi profundo amor y respeto por ella, me vi obligado a demostrar una profunda confianza ens u juicio. (265 paginas)

Allyn House ExclusivePrice: $17.95


. Journey of Promise

The latest book by Charles W. Allen, this book is written for the general public and is a non-fiction, historical book covering little known interesting facts about the founding of The United States. It covers who the Puritans were, what the founding fathers believed, the great influence the Native Americans had on the Constitution. It asks the question, "What did Thomas Jefferson believe about the divine destiny of America?" Very interesting facts. Soft cover only.

Allyn House ExclusivePrice: $24.95


. CD of Porter Rockwell

This CD is a fireside discussion given by great great grandson of Porter Rockwell, John W. Rockwell. It is approximately 2 hours long. He examines the life and legends surrounding Porter Rockwell. John Rockwell has spent decades studying the life of his ancestor and loves nothing more than telling a good Rockwell story. Find out which stories are based on facts and which ones may have been stretched a bit over the years with each retelling!

Price: $15.99


. Three Volume Set of Charles Allen's Books

You can now purchase all three of Charles Allen's book with a discount. The set includes Window Maker, some of his choice experiences while building the Nauvoo Temple windows; The Gift, a true story of Charles' experiences with terminally ill children, and his wife's struggle with cancer; Out of Captivity, a book Charles researched for over 20 years covering the Apostasy, the history of Christianity in England, the Puritans, and how their coming to America set the stage for the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Allyn House ExclusivePrice: $59.95


B001. Out of Captivity

THE PBS SPECIAL, "FAITH OF OUR FATHERS", IS BASED, IN PART, ON "OUT OF CAPTIVITY." "Out of Captivity" tells the story of the reformation in Europe--especially as it relates to England--including the Pilgrims' quest for religious freedom and the Puritans' desire to follow Christ. This story of sacrifice is a saga of courage amid centuries of religious upheaval. It is a story filled with timeless examples of the love of God, even during the darkest time of the Dark Ages, all in preparation of the gospel in the latter days. The details of each character portrayed in Out of Captivity create a unique story that is a must reading for patriotic Latter-day Saints. A BOOK WHOSE TIME HAS COME!" --Susan Easton Black,Brigham Young University "Out of Captivity has helped me on two different films that I am producing for PBS Television. It truly is a remarkable piece of work." --Lee Groberg, Groberg Communications This book has 34 color pictures, 12 maps, footnotes, indexing and appendices. It is 566 pages long. Cover art by Al Rounds.

Allyn House ExclusivePrice: $29.95


B002. The Gift

In this book Charles W. Allen combines part 1 which is the former book, "Children of Courage" and part 2 which chronicles Charles' experiences with his wife and daughter as they battled cancer and the wonderful gift that his wife, Sue, gave him during the last week of her life. Excerpts taken from his personal journal. "Once in a great while, a story touches you so deeply that it changes you forever..." Softcover. Cover art by Al Rounds. Allyn House Exlusive.

Allyn House ExclusivePrice: $15.95


B001. Window Maker

Charles Allen uses excerpts from his personal journal as he shares events that surrounded the making of the windows and front doors for the rebuilt Nauvoo Temple. Included are some behind the scenes events in the city of Nauvoo during the exciting days after President Hinckley's announcement. This book describes the overwhelming responsibility Charles felt in building the temple windows and front doors. He shares experiences when solutions and help were provided by the Spirit when normal talents and abilities were not enough. Brother Allen shares what he did to keep the Spirit with him so that he could complete this overwhelming task--and he shares it in hopes that the reader can apply the same princilples in their own lives for the challenges that face them. This book has several color pictures and has been re-written with 2 added chapters from previous printings. The two additional chapters cover the symbolism on the outside of the temple and what has happened in the lives of the window makers since the dedication in 2002. Cover art by Al Rounds. Softcover.

Allyn House ExclusivePrice: $21.95


. Carthage Conspiracy

By Dallin H. Oaks and Marvin S. Hill, this book was meticdulously researched and has been called "one of the best books ...on Mormon history..." This is a study of the trial of the accused assassins of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Soft cover, 233 pages.

Allyn House ExclusivePrice: $19.95


B005. Symbols in Stone

The definitive and popular book detailing the symbolism in early temples of the restoration. There is an entire chapter on the Nauvoo Temple. Written by Matthew B. Brown and Paul Thomas Smith. Hardcover book, 200 pages of text.

Price: $21.95


B011. The History of Joseph Smith

Softcover edition of the incomparable classic by Lucy Mack Smith on the life of her prophet son. To read this book is to know Joseph Smith more intimately. 312 pages of text.

Price: $15.95


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