The Allyn House
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The Allyn House


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. 9" Wooden Frog

This percussion frog has a mighty deep croak! Very popular!

Price: $17.99


. 1.5" Wooden Frog

Wooden percussion frogs are not only fun to play with, they have the added benefit of being a percussion instrument that you and your family can use to create unique sounds. Many children learn with these in their school rooms.

Allyn House ExclusivePrice: $3.99


. 5" Wooden Frog

This larger frog has a deeper croak. It is fun to surprise your friends into thinking a real frog is somewhere nearby!

Price: $8.99


. 4" Wooden Frog

One of our most popular items is this percussion frog that when you pull the stick up the back of the frog, creates the sound of a frog croaking.

Price: $6.99


Page: 1 of 1 (4 items)