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CD040. Return to Nauvoo by Fiddlesticks

FiddleSTicks, or the Davis Family Folk Band plays the instruments and sings the songs with a distinct sound that fits perfectly with an 1840's scene in Old Nauvoo. Songs include: Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing, Swallowtail Jig, Lead Kingly Light, In Humility Our Savior, Be Thou My Vision, How Long O Lord, Praise to the Man (Nauvoo Version), This Earth Was Once A Garden Place (Adam-Ondi-Ahman), St. Basil's Hymn, A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief, All is Well/Come Come Ye Saints, How Can I Keep From Singing, Be Still My Soul, If You Could Hie to Kolob, For The Beauty of The Earth, Scotland The Brave, Salt Creek, Amazing Grace.

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CD045. Farewell To Nauvoo -- Fiddlesticks with Lisa Arington

This album is devoted to thet hymns and songs of the Mormon Pioneers. Playing time is 53 minutes. Songs include: Now My Dear Companions, O My Father, Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing, The Handcart Song, Paddy Fahy's Jig, The Humble Heart, Love is Little, Lead Kindly Light, Hickory Sticks, Lonesome Roving Wolves, A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief, This Earth Was Once a Garden Place, Love is Little Reel, The Unknown Grave, Farewell to Nauvoo, Poor Wayfaring Stranger, Margaret Young Boyle Sings the Handcart Song. This CD includes bonus computer files with etra music tracks, expanded liner notes and lyrics!

Allyn House ExclusivePrice: $17.95


CD055. Sacred Stone, Temple on the Mississippi: Soundtrack to the Special

Original motion picture soundtrack to Sacred Stone by Lee Groberg, Music by Merrill Jenson and Sam Cardon. Includes: Temple on the Mississippi, Nauvoo 1846 (If You Could Hie to Kolob), One Stone At a Time, Site for the Temple, Nauvoo Beginnings, The First Summer, No Matter the Sacrifice, The Chief Cornerstone, Gathering the Saints, The Stonemasons, Building the Temple, Salvation Found in the Temple, The Fire of Israel's God, Ancient Temples, Marriage in the Temple, The Press Is Destroyed, The Nauvoo Legion, The Mob in Carthage, The Last Stone, Mass Exodus West, Farewell Nauvoo, The Temple Destroyed, Builders of the Temple, Adam-ondi-Ahman.

Allyn House ExclusivePrice: $12.95


CD070. Joseph: A Nashville Tribute To The Prophet

Various artists perform on this popular CD. Very well done. Features Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband, Mindy Gledhill, Dale Murphy, David Osmond and Dan Cahoon. Songs include: The Prayer, The Rising, Candles, American Dreams, He Walked A Mile In My Shoes, Say Uncle, Emma, Modern Day Samson, Brother I'll Follow You, Lamb To The Slaughter, Farewell Nauvoo. Each song has a narration preceding it by Dale Murphy.

Allyn House ExclusivePrice: $16.95


CD102. American Prophet DVD

This documentary produced by Lee Groberg covers the highlights of the life of Joseph Smith, the American Prophet. It is narrated by Gregory Peck and runs 2 hours with 55 minutes of bonus features.

Allyn House ExclusivePrice: $19.95


CD103. Sacred Stone DVD

Lee Groberg's documentary on the Nauvoo Temple, past and present. It is narrated by Hal Holbrook and runs 175 minutes with an additional 85 minutes in bonus features.

Allyn House ExclusivePrice: $19.95


CD104. Sweetwater Rescue

PBS special by Lee Groberg about the journies of the Willy and Martin handcart companies. Produced by Lee Groberg, written by Heidi Swinton, music by Sam Cardon. Documentary is 90 minutes long with 90 minutes of bonus features.

Allyn House ExclusivePrice: $19.95


CD106. Trail of Hope

This documentary is the story of the epic Mormon exodus from Nauvoo, Illinois to the Great Salt Lake Valley. It is 2 hours long and has about 50 minutes of bonus footage. It is narrated by Hal Holbrook.

Allyn House ExclusivePrice: $19.95


CD108. Jonathon Browning, American Gunmaker

A documentary by Lee Groberg about Jonathon Browning, the Mormon gunmaker who once lived and owned a shop in Nauvoo, Illinois. Includes photos of actual prototypes of Jonathon's firearms. Narrated by Fess Parker. It is 58 minutes long and also includes bonus footage.

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