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TY026. Fox and Geese, Travel Size

The marbles for this game are stored inside the wooden box. For 2 players. Game board is approximately 5 by 5 inches.

Price: $9.99


TY038. Puddle Jumper

Simple but fun toy for all ages. Twist the stick between your hands and watch the puddle jumper fly into the air.

Price: $4.99


TY028. Wooden Top

Measures just over 2 inches in diameter.

Price: $1.25


TY029. Spiral Top

Measures just under 5 1/2 inches in diameter. Stare at the center of the spinning spirals for 15 seconds, then look at the back of your hand and watch it "breathe."

Price: $3.99


TY027. Jacob's Ladder

Comes complete with instruction booklet. This simple but fascinating old time toy is very popular.

Price: $8.99


TY017. Pick-Up Sticks

This set of wooden pick-up sticks comes with a canvas bag with The Allyn House logo on it for carrying.

Price: $9.99


TY012. Riverboat Whistle

Blow this whistle to hear the sound of a boat coming up the Mississippi like the Saints used to hear.

Price: $5.99


TY002. Climbing Bear

As seen at the family game area in modern-day Old Nauvoo. See how fast you can make your bear climb the ropes.

Price: $12.95


TY008. Merry Go Down

Slide the bear to the top of the approximately 18" pole and see him bounce down to the bottom. For ages 4 and over.

Price: $9.95


TY039. Rubber Band Gun

Comes complete with 2 rubber bands. Measures approximately 6 inches by 4 inches

Price: $7.50


TY040. Game of Graces

Each player has two wands and one hoop. The object is to send the gaily beribboned hoops towards each other to be caught on the ends of the wands. Can be played with two people or in teams. Hoops are approximately 9.5 inches in diameter and the wands are about 22 inches long.

Price: $21.99


TY050. Hoop-It

This game is designed for two players. Standing about 15 feet apart6, one player throws a hoop toward his opponent who tried to catch it on his stick. For ages 8 and up. Instructions included.

Price: $9.99


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